LED Craft Light – LED filament lamp manufacturing process

LED Craft Light    clarification: As one of the LED lighting categories, the filament lamp has the brightness of the tungsten lamp, and the energy saving and longevity characteristics of the LED lamp have been gradually recognized and loved by consumers. With the introduction of the EU’s draft regulations in April this year, the use of tungsten halogen lamps and compact fluorescent lamps as light sources is prohibited in 2020. Filament lamps will become the fastest-growing LED lighting products in recent years.


Tungsten halogen lamps are banned from sale, and LED filament lamps are the most ideal and perfect replacement. The filament lamp can make the bulb emit 360 degrees, and the large-angle illumination can be realized without the need of a lens. The stereo light source can be realized, the light guide is uniform, and the effect of the tungsten filament lamp is not glare. The style design is more varied and the decoration is strong. For homes, bars, restaurants and many other occasions.


Retro is an element and an attitude. For the popular retro style, the retro color of the light bulb makes the lighting environment look nostalgic. The nostalgic shape is almost close to the color temperature of natural light, and the filament lamp always reminds people of the good times in the past.


The LED filament is made by solidifying the blue LED lamp beads without back plating on the base strip made of sapphire, transparent ceramic, fluorescent crystal, glass, metal, etc., and then made by connecting the gold wire in series and coating the phosphor.


At present, the substrate of the filament lamp is mainly divided into two categories, a rigid substrate and a flexible substrate. The rigid bracket is usually used in a large amount of ceramic and copper brackets, and the flexible bracket is mainly FPC (polyimide or polyester thin), BT (resin Board), PE (polyethylene) bracket.


Flexible filaments are usually flip chip, some hard substrates are also flip chip, flip chip is leadless flip chip, leadless flip chip is through the eutectic / reflow soldering technology to the tin on the electrode contact surface or The electrode chip of the gold-tin alloy is directly soldered to the substrate, so that the chip can be fixed, and the electrical connection and heat conduction can be performed.


When the filament is lit, the filament has a 360° illumination characteristic due to the transparency of the substrate and the refraction of the fluorescent layer. Therefore, when dispensing, the filament is usually dispensed on the front and back sides, and the phosphor is completely wrapped with the LED filament. Ensure that blue light does not precipitate and prevent blue light from damaging the retina.