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1 oz 2022 Royal Arms Gold Coin

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One of the finest gold coins by the prestigious Royal Mint, these bullion coins feature a national symbol of pride, heritage, and monarchy, originally produced by Eric Sewell has been re-imaged by famed designer Timothy Noad on this stunning 999 pure fine gold coin.

The Royal Arms have been the premier symbol of authority, utilized by monarchs as well as heads of state with pride, glamour, and success all encompassed within.

First established in the 14th century, the Royal Arms serves as an emblem of identity to this day, featuring on passports and other government-issued documents.

The reverse features Timothy Noad’s rendition of the United Kingdom’s Royal coat of arms, an unrestrained lion on one side, symbolizing England, with a majestically beautiful unicorn, representative of Scotland on the other. In the middle, a crown adorns a shield representing the four nations of the United Kingdom. The shield features three lions, further distinguishing England, and a harp for Ireland, with the modernized feature of leek for Wales. The coat of arms is displayed on top of a light-refracting, micro-engraved, starburst field.

The Obverse holds Jody Clark’s right-facing effigy of Queen Elizabeth II in addition to the Queen’s title and denominational value.

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