Our 15-watt street light is a new type of energy lamp, which converts electric energy from solar energy and stores the energy in the battery. It is controlled by the controller program to achieve the purpose of absorbing sunlight during the day and turning on the light at night, which is converted according to light and heat. The principle of our street light 15 watt is that the sunlight is converted into electrical energy.


15 Watt Street Light Advantages

1. Intelligent control, light up if you want


2. LED light source lighting effect is better


3. No need for electricity cost, just have the sun


4. Low cost of street solar led lights


Street Light 15 Watt Features

Solar outdoor street lights make full use of the endless sunlight bestowed by nature and convert them into energy that can be illuminated at night. Adhering to the principle of making the earth a little more beautiful, solar energy is inexhaustible.


15 Watt Street Light Maintenance

– Trim nearby shrubs and trees regularly.


– Clean solar panels of 15 watt solar light regularly.


– Clean globes and fixtures.  


– Check globes and fixtures for damage.  


– Check whether the solar light 15-watt battery is corroded.


– Replace the battery of the solar street light 15 watt if necessary.


– Check your wiring and connections.


– Adjust fixture position of 15 watt street light.


15 Watt Street Light FAQ


FAQ1. What Is The Best Wattage For Outdoor Lighting?

The best wattage for outdoor solar lights bulk is 40 watts or less.  Up to 40 watts of power is ideal for lighting paths, garden beds, and other landscaped areas.  40 to 80 watts is great for lighting areas such as driveways, smaller yards, and homes.  If you keep the 15 watt street light outdoors, it’s best to use them with caution.


FAQ2: How Long Do 15 Watt Street Lights Last?

The solar street lamp is made of high-quality materials with excellent performance, and its life can reach 3-5 years. The key component affecting the life of the solar street lamp is the battery.  


Solar street lighting, such as 15 watt street light, relies less on conventional energy and the national grid.  For dusk to dawn lighting operations, solar products are completely reliable.  Their off-grid nature equates to almost zero maintenance and low operating costs.


FAQ3: How Do I Make My 15 Watt Solar Lights Brighter?

Top 10 Tips for Making Solar Lights Brighter.


1. Choose the best location for your solar lights.


2. Clean solar panels regularly.


3. Replace the solar battery cover.


4. Clean the lampshade.


5. Replace old bulbs.  


6. Check and replace the battery.


7. Check the wiring terminals.


8. Contact brand support.  


9. Monitor sun exposure.


10. Invest in high-quality solar lights


FAQ4: How Many Lumens Is A 15W Street Light?

It depends on the grade of the road.  National and provincial roads require different standards.  This depends on the number of lumens per W of a single LED lamp bead and then depends on the light output of the reflective cover of the lamp.  Typically, lumen numbers range from 6500 to 8000 at 70% light output.