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15KW DIY Solar Install Kit for Home



AN-HSPS 15KW DIY household solar system kit, a set of solar power supply system that can be easily installed by DIY. The 15kw system is an upgraded household unit, using larger capacity batteries and higher power solar panels, which can allow more high power loads at the same time. It has a Wifi intelligent detection system, which can check the system power generation status at any time through the mobile App.


Package Content:


With 28pcs Solar Panel(350W), 1pcs Mppt Inverter, 1pcs Pv Array Combiner, 1pcs Inverter(15Kw), 16pcs Lead-Acid Battery, Solar Panel Bracket and Cables


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Key Features of 15KW DIY Solar Install Kit for Home

We have the most professional team to provide the most suitable power supply system solution, and use the lowest cost solution to meet your electricity demand for decades.

Household solar system, with strong load capacity, low energy consumption and strong reliability.

It has AC output and city power backup and charging function at the same time, so no worry about power failure.

Environmental protection, no fuel need, very low operating cost.


Specification of 15KW DIY Solar Install Kit for Home


System Basic Information:

Average daily generation:<40~49KWH

Rated Loads Capacity:15KW

Solar Panel(28pcs)

Type: Polycrystalline Silicon PV ModuleMax Power: 350WVmp: 39.1V; Imp: 8.94ASize: 1956*992*40 mm25 years power output guarantee

MPPT Controller(1pcs)

PV Charging Controller 96V 100A;MPPT charging type, intelligent control.Temperature compensation; Protections: short circuit, deep discharge, input surge voltage, over current.

PV Array Combiner(1pcs)

Simplify wiring between PV array and controller, protections to controller, features:- Wide range of DC input voltage- IP65 guard level, suitable for outdoor- Reliable thunderstorm & surge protection- Multiple PV strings inputs (4 strings)

Inverter (1pcs)

Rated DC96V input, AC220V 1-phase output; Frequency: 50 Hz +/- 0.5%Rated Output Capacity: 15KWTrue sine-wave, off-grid type, with grid power switch function; LCD display of operating parameters;• Protections: Short circuit, overload, surge current, over temperature, over/under voltage, over/under frequency, lightning, phase imbalance, reverse polarity


12V280AH per pieceAGM valve-regulated lead-acid battery, fully sealed, deep cycle, free maintenance typeService Life: 5~6 years

Solar Panel Rack(1pcs)

Roof type mounting rackincluding complete fittings,aluminum alloy(Rack can be customized per request)


International standard, with specification suitable for solar system,PV1-F-1*4 series red and black


International standard, with specification suitable for solar system, BVR-1*10 series red and bule


15KW solar system kit description

The 15kw solar system is a complete solar system that includes our best equipment for a professional installation. It’s designed for homeowners who want to save money by installing their own 15 kilowatt solar system, and is pre-wired and tested, saving you time and money compared to other kits on the market.


This 15 KW solar system includes everything you need to install a complete, 15kw solar power system in your home. Our high-quality components and innovative design have been rigorously tested to meet or exceed industry standards for safety, longevity, and efficiency. Contact us now to get the 15kw off grid solar system price of bulk order!