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180 MM Velcro Sanding Discs

-one of the most cost efficient sanding disc

-suitable for floor sanding, carpentry, painters

-suitable for sanding wood, walls, cork, paint

-all our sanding discs are made in Germany

-it will fit most types of professional edgers


How To Apply 180 mm Velcro Sanding Discs For Maximum Benefits



Velcro sanding discs come in a variety of grit sizes as with any other sanding surface design. The 180 mm Velcro Discs – Sanding Discs are without a doubt among the most popular especially among carpenters. With this grit size, you can rest assured that all your sanding needs will be met whether it is sculpture shaping or furniture polishing. The applicability and versatility more often than not depends on the material used on the abrasive surface. However, the grit itself has a lot of benefits to offer to users. Below are five of these that should make it easier to understand exactly what it is that makes 80 grit sanding discs so special. There is also a short list of potential applications that should help you make the most of your 180 mm Velcro Discs – Sanding Discs. 



Benefits Of 180 MM Velcro Sanding Discs



1. The discs are gentle on the surface being sanded


One of the greatest benefits of working with fine particle sanding discs like the 180 mm Velcro Discs  – Sanding Discs is the fact that they easy on the surface. They manage to be gentle without compromising on the effectiveness of the entire sanding process. It might take a bit longer than with messier coarse grain sanding discs but the amazing smooth and even results will make the short wait more than worth it. 


2. The particle size is perfect for precision sanding


Precision sanding usually comes as the last step in the sanding process. Here, you want to establish perfection on the surface that you are working on. Unlike initial sanding stages where evenness is not a major priority, this step requires use of sanding discs that are very fine. In this case, the 180 mm Velcro Discs – Sanding Discs is one of the best options. 


3. They are a lot safer than coarse grit Velcro discs


Velcro sanding discs are generally very safe to use. However, as with any other tool in a handyman’s box, there is always risk of injury when mishandled. With low grit sanding discs in particular, injuries are usually a lot worse with deep cuts being among those you should look out for. With finer granule discs like 180 mm Velcro Discs – Sanding Discs on the other hand, although the risk of injury is still there, the injuries are usually very trivial. 


4. They are considered the best for use in carpentry


With carpentry, 180 mm Velcro Discs – Sanding Discs come in super handy whether it is during initial sanding or when putting the finishing touches. Medium and fine grain sizes are considered the best as they offer the sanding services without damaging the goods. 



Applications That Allow You To Enjoy These Benefits



Having understood the benefits of working with 180 mm Velcro Discs -Sanding Discs, below are a few application suggestions that should help you make the most of these perks.


– Polish stripping from old furniture


– Wooden sculpture shaping and polishing


– Wood preparation for dying


– Final sanding for a smooth, clean and even finish


– Initial sanding over soft wood surfaces



180 mm Velcro Sanding Discs