2 Pec 4 ft Spiral LED Whip Light for atv rtv

Want to be the brightest boy on this street? Then come and use this whip lamp together! My friends and I drive more at night. Since we have this whip light, night driving has become a thing that we all enjoy. Now let me tell you about my experience of use. This whip light is designed in a spiral and emits 360°. It has 20 color combinations, 5 brightness levels and 10 flash patterns, which can be combined into hundreds of dance patterns. Does it feel cool? This whip light can be used for sand track karts, 4-wheel off-road trucks, etc., whether it is driving on a muddy road or on a dry mountain, the lighting effect is all right, and you don’t need to worry about its waterproof, sand-proof and anti-shock function, coupled with power protection, you will feel more at ease. Last but not least, this whip light is remote controlled, which allows us to quickly select the desired color, select the flash mode and continue to do what we like. There are a lot of things in the product packaging, you can discover the surprise by yourself!