• $5400

4inch Compact Metal 6W Speaker In Ceiling RH-T41

※ Metal baffle,metal grille with Fireproof feature.

※ Full-range 4″ dynamic speaker.

※ 100 V line transformer features two taps for 3 W and 6 W outputs.

※ This technique of line input 100V reduces signal losses on a longer distance and allows

easy parallel connection of multiple loudspeakers.

※ Frame-mounted spring-loaded clamps provide secure,low-noise connections and easy installation.

※ Attractive steel alloy finish with off-white grille suits any decor.


The RH-AUDIO RH-T41 employs 4 inch speaker drive with two power output taps 3W and 6W using built-in 100V transformer.


This model is designed with metal baffle and grille enjoying ultra slim speaker’s construction designed for low installation depth.


Quick fit clamps allow easy and quick mounting into false ceilings. Its high sensitivity full range, light paper diaphragm and high efficiency magnet are the reason of high performance in middle sound frequency, ideal choice in public address systems such as shopping malls, hotels, coffee bars etc.


Tips of Installation:

 Retract the 2 Snap Clamps on the speaker intotheir open position.Then push the speaker upthrough the ceiling opening.


 When Clamp Arms press against the ceiling,the Snap Clamps will rotate and clamp downclosed to the ceiling surface.