9+ Best Sikkim Food – Cuisines of Sikkim – The Fusion Freaks

Sikkim is located in Eastern Himalayas with a total area of 7096sq. Km. It is a very small hilly state of India. If you ever visit Sikkim once in your life then you must try here’s traditional Food which is called Sikkimese cuisine. This delicious Food is a mix of Tibetan, Nepali, and Lepcha dishes that come from various ethnic tribes and communities of Sikkim. Most Sikkimese Food is based on rice culinary vegetables from jungle-like Ningro (Fern), Nakima (Wild Lily), Baas ko Tusa (Bamboo-Shoot), Cheuw (Mushrooms), etc. 


Today we are going to tell you about the Top Cuisines of Sikkim that you must try once in your life you get a chance to visit Sikkim in your life.

Momo (Dumplings)

Thukpa or Gya Thuk


Sha Phaley




Dal Bhat