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Office jobs have been a staple of the Australian economy for years now. With each year that passes, the majority of the country’s workforce moves further and further away from manual labor and more towards desk jobs. According to government statistics from 5 years ago, the top three jobs in Australia are Professionals, Administration Workers, and Managers.

With the rise of office, jobs comes a greater need for office chairs, though with so much choice out there these days it is difficult to have all the information necessary for choosing the perfect model for you.


What Do I Need to Know About Office Chairs?

In the world of office chairs, there is a great deal of information, so it is important to differentiate between fun titbits and essential knowledge. To find facts that are not only interesting but also helpful, look no further.

Here are 9 interesting facts about office chairs which will prove useful to you if you are thinking about purchasing a new model or simply looking to better maintain your current one.

1. We Sit For 10 Hours Every Day2. The Price of Comfort3. Arm Rests Are Essential4. Office Chairs Improve Productivity5. Reduced Health Risks6. The Importance of ARFDI7. Office Chair Life Expectancy8. Benefits of Mesh Back Chairs9. Trial Chairs

Luckily, in Australia, you can do the same with an office chair completely free of charge. If you live in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, or Adelaide then you can sign up for a free trial chairs service and try out your project before you commit to buying.

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