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A new person every week – and find the right person?

Full size sex doll is more like real women. Which man does not know: “My dear, I have a headache today”, I’m a tired baby”,… Or do you have nobody to have sex with? Why do many singles in their thirties have a clear plan when dating – and like a woman on this way get to know the father of her child?


For those who still don’t want to do without sex, there is a sex doll for men. And these sex dolls have nothing to do with the inflatable dolls that used to be considered a gimmick at girls’ birthday parties.


Some people spent three years and 138 dates before meeting their dream lover. In 2011, the 34-year-old Australian made a decision: After ten years of relationship (her ex-boyfriend died in an accident), it was time to search strategically and disciplined for partner projects. For a year she met a new man(sex robot) every week.


The successful tech entrepreneur used various dating apps and friends acting as go-betweens to screen for potential partners, and she checked over the phone for any “red flags” (i.e., unsuccessful). Whoever agrees to her goes on to the next round – on a real date – until one of them stays at the end. The silicone Love doll is always a potential object.


However, she only recommends strategic dating for women who have rarely invested in finding a partner. “Anyone who has been looking for a long time, who has thought a lot about partnership and is already very desperate, should look for deeper reasons and then maybe just let go.” Sex dolls are never considered a good choice.


She told the Guardian that when Rebecca Campbell first met her now-husband, she knew her search was over. “I think when two people fall in love, some magical things still happen and you can’t put it in a formula,” she concluded. “But helping happiness is definitely a good strategy.” Fischer, as an individual consultant, also believes it is important to define standards for yourself. But you should be able to give up some when the time comes.