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A60 LED Bulb Light(OBL10-B2)

A60 LED bulb means that the maximum diameter of the bulb is 60mm. This size is also the size of our traditional spherical bulb, and its popularity is the highest. As LED bulbs are one of the most demanded light sources in the civilian market, the market is highly competitive. In order to better control the cost under the premise of ensuring the quality, Anern solar company will benefit our customers. As one of the professional led bulbs wholesale suppliers in the lighting industry, Anern has introduced a number of automatic production lines to reduce costs and labor of our A60 LED bulbs through mass production. At the same time, our A60 LED light bulbs can also reduce the rate of defective products so that our product quality is more assured and the price is more advantageous.

The Details of A60 LED bulb Light(OBL10-B2)

Using high-efficiency LED chips, the entire lighting effect of our A60 LED bulb can be as high as 100lm/w, and the light is softer.

The self-developed LED drive power supply has higher efficiency than ordinary power supplies on the market and runs more stable.

The shell uses a structure of thermally conductive plastic + aluminum material, which has good heat dissipation effect and ensures the service life and luminous efficiency of the lamp beads.

The lampshade uses the frosted lampshade of PMMA material, which has a flame-retardant effect and high light transmittance.


The Specification of A60 LED bulb Light(OBL10-B2)



The Production of A60 LED bulb Light(OBL10-B2)

Standardized automated production line, package box can be customized and LED bulb SKD component export acceptable. It sells millions of bulbs and components in more than 100 countries and regions around the world every year.