According to the body parts, there are several types of massage:

·Full body massage

A massage therapist applies any type mentioned above to a person’s whole body who tends to get a massage in full body massage. But the selection of massage depends on your requirements, like do you need a massage just for relaxation or pain or curing injuries.  


·Back massage

When a person sits for long hours to accomplish his work, his back muscles may damage. For relieving this pain, you should get a back massage. For example, if you live in Montreal and wish to get a Swedish massage, you can search “Swedish massage Montreal, and you will successfully find the best spa for getting it.


·Feet massage

Sometimes, the feet of some people swell and have severe pain in them. For curing it, they must go for feet massage. A massage therapist will apply pressure, kneading, and strokes in a linear and circular motion, making your feet pain-free.


·Shoulder and neck massage

Neck or shoulder pain is one of the common problems that most people face. For relaxing them and eradicate stiffness and tensions of shoulder and neck muscles, you need a massage. First, you can consult with a therapist and ask him for relaxation massage vs. Swedish massage. Then decide the best massage type and go for it.