Adnan Vadria- Tips for Succeeding in Commercial Real Estate

As an experienced commercial real estate agent, Adnan Vadria knows what it takes to succeed in the business. Adnan discusses his top tips for new agents looking to succeed in this competitive field.


Set Goals

Start by setting goals. Your business plan will help you determine what is realistic for your first year, but also map out where you would like the company to be in three or five years. Once you have these goals set, make sure that everything you do each day is geared toward achieving those goals and not just going through the motions. If it doesn’t get you closer to the goal then cut it.


Build Relationships

Adnan think the best advice he would give is that relationships are the key, and it’s important to have them with your clients, vendors, and other agents in the market. The better you get at building relationships, the more successful you’ll be in this industry. It’s important to have strong partnerships with your clients and vendors for success. It doesn’t happen overnight it takes time and patience.


Know Your Market

The most important thing to do when considering entering the commercial real estate industry is to research and learn about the market. Adnan explains that commercial agents need to know the right questions, in order to provide their clients with the solutions they need. A deep knowledge of your market will give you an edge on agents who are less prepared, and it will also help you develop your skillset more quickly.


Focus on Quality Not Quantity

Differentiate yourself from the competition by highlighting your credentials and experience, then strive for the highest level of customer service possible. This will allow you to charge more for your services and attract clients who value those qualities. Focusing on quality over quantity is critical for success in this industry because there are so many commercial real estate agents out there vying for the same clients.


Partner with Reliable People

Start by partnering with reliable people. Find an experienced agent who knows the ins and outs of the business, who you can trust, and learn from. You don’t have to know everything but it’s better to be smart about your learning curve. Read books about how real estate transactions work. Or talk to friends or family members in the industry for advice. Once you know how a transaction is conducted, it will be easier when trying to seal that deal.