Adnan Vadria’s Tips for New Real Estate Agents


As an experienced commercial real estate agent with over a decade of experience, Adnan Vadria understands the challenges of the industry. To make your mark in this competitive industry, here are Adnan’s top tips.

Location, location, location

Location is the most important thing in real estate and if you’re just starting out, pick a place that you know well. Once you do that, it will be easier to establish credibility with local investors, sellers and other agents. That being said, don’t just focus on one area – learn as much as you can about the entire market so that you have an advantage over others who are still trying to figure things out. Don’t be afraid to take on clients who might not look like your typical client: In this industry, it pays off big time when you find someone new and land them as a customer for life.


Work hard on getting listings

Getting listings is one of the most important things you can do as a new agent. Establish yourself as an expert in your community by talking to homeowners and connecting with the homeowners’ needs.  Networking is another great way to get listings. Seek out events where other agents will be present, talk about how great it would be if they listed their home with you, hand them your card, and keep track of who may be interested.


Network like crazy

To become a successful real estate agent, Adnan Vadria says networking is key. Networking doesn’t just involve formal events and parties. It also means following people on social media and interacting with them online, which can lead to more meaningful connections offline. If you’re still nervous about reaching out to professionals in your industry or with similar interests, the Internet is full of websites where professionals are looking to connect digitally as well!


Recognize that a good reputation is vital for success

Starting out as a real estate agent requires a strong work ethic and a good reputation. This can be difficult to maintain when you are still new to the industry and working your way up, but it is absolutely vital to succeeding in this competitive field. Adnan Vadria has built his business on these principles, and now he shares some of his insights with others.