Advantages of iPhone Application Development for Your Business

Apple has a tradition; every January, they disclose statistics to prove how well the App Store and iOS apps performed that year. This year’s announcements are an indicator of the staggering popularity and penetration of iPhone app development. Take a look…

  • There are around 2.2M apps in the App Store.

  • On average, around 2,540 apps are released on the App Store every day.

  • In 2020, customers spent an estimated 72.3 billion U.S. dollars on in-app purchases, subscriptions, and premium apps in the Apple App Store.

These and the plethora of other App Store statistics gives the same message: Apple’s business is thriving and iPhone apps are a people’s favorite. Businesses looking to capture market share in apps would be making a lucrative deal by investing in iPhone application development for businesses.

Apple’s closest rival, Android, also has great numbers to show. But iPhone’s reach and penetration are unsurpassed. In fact, according to BGR, there is a user defection trend among Android users.

Nearly 18 percent of Android users have looked into the advantages of the iPhone and switched to the iOS platform. These advantages included the iPhone is one of the oldest smartphones. The way iPhone managed to maintain its iron grip on users by offering consistent performance and innovation.


iPhone apps are known to be high quality and revenue-generating.  Both startups and established brands are investing in iPhone app development to meet their business needs and make a quick return on their investment.