Advantages Of Super Capacitor/Ultra Capacitor


Conventional capacitors can only meet the requirements of circuit operation with a simple structure and small load, but it is difficult to store charge for circuit operation with a large load. In recent years, the popularization and application of supercaps have effectively solved the problem of large load circuit operation and ensured the normal performance of power electronic equipment.


Super capacitor advantages


Ultra capacitors are the upgrade of ordinary capacitor devices, and many improvements have been made to the early capacitors. The main advantages are (1) capacitance. The conventional capacitors used in the early stage have small capacitor storage capacity, which can only meet the needs of small load circuit; while the capacitor level of super capacitor can reach farad level, which can meet the needs of more complex circuit operation. (2) Circuit. Ultra capacitor has a low requirement on the circuit structure. It does not need to set up a special charging circuit and control discharge circuit, and the service time of capacitor will not be affected by overcharge and over-discharge. Welding. Common capacitors can not be welded. When Supercapacitor is installed, welding treatment can be carried out according to the need, which prevents the occurrence of bad battery contact and improves the performance of capacitor components.


However, super capacitor is not superior in every aspect of the use process, which requires that the advantages and disadvantages of the device be mastered skillfully when using supercaps. Due to the limitation of manufacturing technology, there are still some shortcomings in installation and debugging when using super capacitor in China. Many devices cause circuit failure because of blindly using ultra caps, which affects the performance of the whole equipment. However, as a new product of capacitors, ultracapacitor has more advantages than disadvantages.


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