African Development Bank Supports Bank One With $40 Million Trade Finance Package

As per the latest news, the African Development Bank is supporting the Bank One of Mauritius by granting a $40 million trade finance package to boost its capacity to provide trade finance facilities to SMEs, local corporates and other important areas in Mauritius and across Africa.


The above-mentioned package consists of a $25 million risk participation agreement and a $15 million transaction guarantee as per the announcement. 


This transaction guarantee will enable the Bank to provide up to 100% guarantee to confirming banks for the risks of payment failure arising from the confirmation of trade finance service issued by Bank One. On the other hand, the risk participation arrangement will initiate up to 50% guarantee cover on a portfolio basis to boost the trade finance transactions started by issuing banks in area member nations. In short, this financial backing will help Bank One strengthen its capacity to cater to the trade finance requirements of key sectors.


“Looking at the cross-sectoral practices of trade, the proposed funding, while utilizing Bank One’s footprints, is supposed to upgrade the African Advancement Bank’s endeavours to coordinate Africa and enhance the quality of life of African residents,” stated the African Development Bank Head of Trade Finance Lamin Drammeh.