Air-dried Instant Noodles

Reflecting on my childhood, my mother’s frequent warnings about the health risks of instant noodles resound in my memory. During that era, amid the controversy surrounding MSG, I naively assumed that the ‘bad stuff’ was confined to the seasoning packets.

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For us, Wholesome Bowl is more than just a culinary venture; it’s a labour of love, and we’re overjoyed to share this journey with you!

In the whirlwind of our busy lives back in 2020, finding time to cook seemed impossible, let alone thinking about how to ensure we were nourishing our bodies at the same time. Being avid instant noodle enthusiasts, our dinner routine consisted of these quick delights 2-3 times a week. The delicious taste, convenience, and affordability kept us hooked. However, the hidden costs of high sodium, deep-fried noodle cakes, and other not-so-friendly ingredients began to affect our well-being. And thus, our mission unfolded — to create a noodle that embodied not only taste, convenience, and affordability but, most importantly, wholesomeness.

It took us two years working passionately to redefine instant noodles, asking ourselves: How can we feel good about instant noodles again? Can we blend flavour, convenience, affordability, and health seamlessly into one extraordinary product?

As devoted noodle fans, we stood firm in our belief that flavour and texture should never be compromised. Collaborating with flavour experts and skilled noodle artisans, we ignited a culinary evolution.

Guided by Food Standards Australia’s rigorous health and nutrition standards, we have now reimagined the humble noodle. Our noodles are no longer mere empty calories but a nutritional powerhouse, enriched with protein, fibre, and essential vitamins. After numerous iterations, we found the delicate balance of flavour, nutrition, convenience, and affordability.

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