• $5400

All-weather High Power Speaker for Outdoor and Indoor RH-CS8 Series

※ Speaker unit: 6.5inch woofer + 1.5inch tweeter.

※ Durable case.

※ Easy to install with brackets supported.

※ Suitable for in/outdoor use.

※ Metal enclosure & grille.

※ 70V/100V line voltage input.


The RH-AUDIO Waterproof Column Speaker RH-CS8 Series are designed with unique 2-Way System of 8″ woofer and 1.5″ horn shaped tweeter, delivering extraordinary middle and low frequency sound reproduction while the tweeter round out the high sound pressure level.


They are used in 100 volt line (or 70 volt) public address systems and have been designed to offer a highly cost effective solution for installers without compromising on appearance or performance.


Fitted with very high quality driver units and tweeter for an efficient, dynamic response,and their durable,galvanized steel cabinet have been carefully designed to ensure optimum dispersion and throw characteristics essential for column speaker installations.


Each speaker also has various power tappings on the transformer with a length of wiring on the rear for selecting output power.

Easy and secure wall mount installation in outdoor area through the supplied strong metal mounting brackets,could be adjusted as request.This series of column speakers are typically suitable for all-weather applications such as stadium courts,golf courses,playgrounds swimming pools etc.