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Anti-abrasion Sand Dredger Pump

Anti-abrasion Sand Dredger Pump

Product Description

Sand dredge pump

As one of professional dredge pump manufacturers, SGB provide sand dredge pumps with high quality. A dredge pump is a horizontal centrifugal pump and is the heartbeat of a dredge. … The dredger pump is designed to take in sediment, debris, and other harmful materials from the surface floor into a suction pipe, carrying the material to a discharge site through a pipeline.

Pump Features

Advanced hydraulic model, CAD-aided design, high efficiency and remarkable energy-saving effect.

Strong flow capacity. The pump can pump gravel, high plastic clay lumps and so on. Dredge pump is generally equipped with three vanes or five vanes, used to handle different particle size respectively.

Strong matching capacity. The diesel engine and the motor are both available.