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Anti-Metal RFID Tag (ABS)

Operating Frequency

13.56 MHz

International Standards

ISO/EC14443A ISO 15693 lSO 18000-3

Antenna options


Base material


Color options

Black white

Glue options

Generic option

3M options

UID list options

Hexadecimal format Decimal format


Description of Anti-metal RFID Tag (ABS)

Ant-metal RFID Tag is designed for application in metal environment to allow the RFID tag to work on the metal.

As a manufacturer involved in this business line for about 10 years, DTB can offer you RFID tag with different shapesand various chips.

Free samples can be offered if stock available.

Please feel free to contact us for any customizations, it can be packed by reels or by pieces.


Glue Options of Anti-metal RFID Tag (ABS)

3M 467/468: Normal option ;

3M 9080: waterproof Strong ;

3M 9448: Rubber subject; Rough surface ;· 3M 4914:Uv protect; very strong.