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Do you want to play the Garena Free Fire like a pro? If yes, then you are not the one on this journey. Millions of FF lovers try to apply valuable tricks to get an edge in a 50-player battle. Honestly, gamers are familiar with many fair & unfair secret hacks. But you can test your luck through PXT Injector & Mod Menu. This third-party tool has magical effects. Actually, it improves various skills of the users. Auto Headshot, several ESPs, MedKit, Teleport, etc., are a few inbuilt cheats available in this utility.

I hope you already know the good habits players must learn during 5v5 battles. Still, I can highlight a few of the most important. Like, you have to pay attention to the looting items on the FF battlefields. Collect as many as you can in the beginning. Then, never run carelessly. Always be alert to enemies in your surroundings. Also, your location on the ground matters a lot. You have to hide from the opponents. Last but not least, playing passively can save you from damage.