Application Characteristics of Color Steel Glazed Tile Roll Forming Machine

The color steel glazed tile forming machine is mainly composed of a feed introduction platform, a forming host, a die pressing device, a forming and shearing device, a hydraulic station, and a computer control system.


1. Application range of color steel glazed tile roll forming machine


The antique glazed tiles that are rolled into a die by the glazed tile roll forming machine have the characteristics of beautiful, simple and elegant appearance, and noble taste, etc. And it can be widely used in garden-style factories, tourist attractions, pavilions, hotels, villas, and exhibitions, pavilions, resorts, homes and other buildings.


2. The characteristics of the color steel glazed tile roll forming machine


The antique color steel tile is composed of at least three levels of stepped tile surfaces, and each layer of tile surface is provided with a number of large corrugations. Because of the large tile surface formed by one-step compression, the color steel glazed tile roll forming machine not only has the advantages of high production efficiency and convenient assembly.


Moreover, due to the uniform specifications of each tile and good interchangeability, it brings convenience to the installation of the color steel glazed tile roll forming machine and greatly saves man-hours.


And because of the high-gradient multi-step tile surface, the tile surface has a three-dimensional shape that is superimposed layer by layer. The multi-step tile surface is matched with several large corrugations similar to the ancient building corrugated, making the overall shape of the tile surface more realistic, chic and beautiful.