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Application Of Meddo Medical Equipment

Meddo Medical Equipment is a leading manufacturer and supplier of medical equipment and accessories. The company specializes in the development of innovative products that improve patient care and safety. Meddo’s product line includes patient monitoring systems, anesthesia machines, surgical lights, and surgical tables.


Ward Applications

The patient lift system can help nursing personnel of medical and nursing institutions to transfer patients/the elderly in a safe, efficient manner. It can significantly reduce the risk of fall of patients/the elderly during transfer and various types of lifting clothes can be used in various scenarios such as going to the toilet, bath, transfer with wheelchairs and transfer with patents lying low so that patents/the elderly with difficulty in movement or who are bedridden can be transferred safely in various function areas.


Rehabilitation Department Applications

Used in combination with various rehabilitation equipment: exercise stairs, parallel bars, inclined ladders for walk movement training, multi-terrain simulation systems, linkage of arms and legs, rehabilitation treadmills, etc. enrich the rehabilitation methods of the doctors and help patients to regain their walking ability in a safe and efficient manner, thus improving the rehabilitation efficiency.


ICU Applications

Rehabilitation: early stage exercise, breathing rehabilitation, cycle management.


Nursing Homes

Applicable to hospital VIP wards, care wards, infectious disease areas, nursing homes and institutions.