Application of Membrane Switch Keypad in Military Electronic Product Design

With the emergence of the membrane touch switch, it has become more and more widely used in military products, which has caused a fundamental change in the design of military electronic products. The membrane switch is also called a touch panel, a membrane button, a membrane flexible switch, and the like. It is a monolithic structure made up of flat multi-layer films. It is a new mechatronics product that seals masks, buttons, and substrates together. Its lifetime is generally several dozen times longer than other mechanical switching devices, or even hundreds of times, and its lifetime can reach millions of times.


Komkey’s Military application


Since the 1990s, under the premise of ensuring reliable quality, aesthetics, practicality, and economy have been mentioned as important positions, becoming an important additional function of military products. The image of military products is “stupid, big and rough” was completely changed. In this situation, the membrane switch is widely used in military products for its unique reliability, aesthetics, practicability, convenience, and economy, which has revolutionized the structural design of military products and greatly improved the appearance of military products. However, due to its unique peculiarity and importance, military products must make necessary changes in design and construction when applied to military products. Instead of adopting general-purpose design methods for civilian products, The harsh use environment and routine test environment of military products.


The military product is a special product. It has strict requirements on the membrane switch button and requires reliable quality, strong stereoscopic effect, and good hand feeling. There are many types of membrane switch buttons, such as flat keys, stereo keys, light hand keys, heavy hand keys, and special keys. However, as a military product, a stereo heavy hand key is preferred, which is beautiful in appearance, convenient in operation, and strong in hand.


As a military product, the requirements for electromagnetic compatibility are quite strict. Electromagnetic compatibility is an important technical indicator of military products, which will directly affect the technical performance of the whole machine. Membrane switches used in military applications must comply with electromagnetic compatibility requirements.


Like electromagnetic compatibility, high and low-temperature routine tests are also an important technical indicator for military products.