Application of Ndt Inspection Equipment

Ndt inspection equipment is widely used in industry, such as aerospace, nuclear industry, weapon manufacturing, machinery industry, shipbuilding, petrochemical industry, railway and high-speed train, automobile, boiler and pressure vessel, special equipment, customs inspection, etc.


Many products need Ndt inspection equipment, especially X-ray nondestructive testing equipment. Usually, we can use X-ray for non-destructive testing of automobile parts, non-destructive testing of precision casting parts, non-destructive testing of alloy parts, non-destructive testing of cylinder head, slices, fan blades, ductile iron, compression parts, etc. X-ray can be used to detect on-line pore, inclusion, porosity and crack defects in various products. It improves yield and reduces defective products. X-ray nondestructive testing technology can be said to be widely used. The main characteristics of X-ray Ndt inspection equipment are: high resolution, high definition; small parts testing; highly integrated system, high cost performance; compact equipment, small area; high detection accuracy, small defects can be found; Higher detection image quality; Safety guarantee of equipment operation; With multi-purpose, it can customize fixture. Humanized software design, easy to operate; it is customized according to customer needs, providing solutions; all-network after-sales service platform; cloud platform, huge data, tracing the origin.