Are you looking for a massey tractor 7250 price in India?

The Massey Ferguson 7250 is a tractor model made  by Massey Ferguson, a well-known brand in the agricultural machinery industry. The tractor is typically powered by a robust and fuel-efficient diesel engine. It’s designed to deliver high torque and power to handle various farming tasks effectively.


It features a reliable transmission system, often with multiple gears and forward/reverse options. This allows for smooth operation and efficient power transfer to the wheels.


The Massey Ferguson 7250 is equipped with advanced hydraulic systems that enable it to operate various implements and attachments efficiently. This includes features like hydraulic lifting, lowering, and angling capabilities.It comes with a PTO system that allows the tractor to transfer power to attached implements such as mowers, plows, or balers. This is crucial for performing a wide range of agricultural tasks.


The tractor comes with sturdy and durable tires suitable for various terrains, ensuring good traction and stability during operation.


The tractor is equipped with intuitive controls and a comprehensive instrumentation panel, providing the operator with vital information about the tractor’s performance and operating parameters.