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Asia’s No. 1 Ayurvedic Sexologist Doctor in Patna, Bihar | Dr. Sunil Dubey

Know about your sexual medication:

Sexual dysfunction is a complication in a person’s sexual life that makes him helpless to participate willingly in this sexual life. In fact, it is a private problem that can be shared between a couple and a clinical sexologist doctor. In India, more than 20 to 25% cases of sexual diseases can be easily seen in our society. Due to lack of information and awareness, this sexual problem is increasing day by day in India.


Most of the people are not aware about the medicine and treatment of sexual dysfunction. Usually people want instant relief from their sexual problems or any other problem. This is nature and every disease is cured according to its time and treatment. In case of sexual dysfunction, most people do not have accurate information about natural remedies; that’s why, they choose different treatment and medication.


The world famous Ayurvedacharya and India’s most senior sexologist Dr. Sunil Dubey says that first of all, people should understand about their sexual treatment and medication. After that, they should consult the experienced and reliable clinical sexologist doctor to get rid of their problem. They should also follow seriously all the guidelines of their sexual healthcare doctor and during the medication, they should report their sexual wellness time to time.


Ayurvedic Treatment and Medication is best for all:

The main components of a sexual problem in interlinked with a person’s physical health, mental fitness, psychological thought, health-related issues, daily routine, and genetics issue. Dr. Sunil Dubey, the best Ayurvedic sexologist in Patna says that mainly sexuality is a natural phenomenon and it affects a person in different ways like family and social environment, natural circumstances, psychological thoughts, and curiosity towards sexual activity.


In case of sexual dysfunction, both men and women are affected by this problem. If we respect nature, women suffer more than men in their sexual life. This is because they have to go through many phases of their sexual life like menstruation, pregnancy and children responsibility.


Ayurvedic medicine is best for all cases of sexual problems as it is the root of all medicines like Allopathy, Ayurveda and Homeopathy. The entire treatment and medicine in Ayurveda is based on natural medicine system. That’s why; there is no possibility of side effects on brain, kidney, heart etc. during Ayurvedic treatment. Any patient can use this Ayurvedic medicine to improve their sexual problems.


What treatments does a Clinical Ayurvedic Sexologist doctor provide for sexual patients?

This is really a remarkable question for all those people who are not aware about Ayurvedic medicine and treatment for their sexual problems. Dr. Sunil Dubey is India’s No.1 Ayurveda and Sexology expert doctor who is working as a clinical sexologist doctor in Patna, Bihar. He treats all types of married and unmarried sexual patients at Dubey Clinic where every day more than thirty sexual come to get their sexual treatment.


He says that just as sexual activity is a natural process; similarly its treatment and medicine should also be natural. Ayurvedic medicine is one of the best treatments for all those who are suffering from any sexual dysfunction. Dr. Sunil Dubey is the most successful Ayurveda and Sexology medical science researcher in world. His contribution in this Ayurvedic Sexologist Doctor profession is very impactful and successful for the wellness of sexual patients.


Specialist Clinical Sexologist treats only sexual patients and no other patients like skin diseases or others. Dr. Sunil Dubey, Gold Medalist Sexologist Doctor, provides the following treatments and medicines to sexual patients.


Treatment for male sexual patients:

Based on his daily practice of experience, Dr. Sunil Dubey says that men suffer from various types of sexual problems in their life.

Erectile Dysfunction: A man reports that his erection is weak, occasional, and no. 90% cases of erectile dysfunction are related to weak erection and he treats all of them. This is a common sexual problem in men after the age of 40 but today’s time, it is seen that mostly male people report that they have weak erection.


Ejaculation Disorder: Mainly, most people report that they have early ejaculation and they have no control over their ejaculation. They discharge themselves within a minute during their sexual intercourse. Generally, there are three types of Ejaculation problems- Premature Ejaculation, Delayed Ejaculation, and Retrograde Ejaculation. He treats all in accordance with their problems.

Dhat Syndrome: This is a cultural-bounded sexual problem that has lots of assumption. In this condition, a young person reports that his semen keeps flowing during urination or Spermatorrhea. In most of the cases, it was seen that this is a common sexual problem in young people between 18 and 24.

Night Discharge: It is also a common sexual problem among youth aged 18 to 24 years. In this situation the person discharges himself without masturbating in his rapid eye movements (orgasm dream). If the number of night discharge in a month is more than 3 then it is a serious problem for the person. Dr. Sunil Dubey also treats this type of sexual dysfunction.

Low Libido: A lack of sexual desire or thought indicates that the person has low libido. If this condition occurs in men before the age of 60 then it is a sexual problem. In this condition, a female partner is ready to participate in her sexual activity but a male partner ignores it.


These are the most common sexual problems in men who come to Dubey Clinic to get their treatment. Dr. Sunil Dubey also says that apart from those above mentioned sexual problems, the other people also come to get their improvement of sexual addiction, male infertility, penile size, sexual weakness, and penile infection. He provides his treatment and medication to all of them; they really want to improve their sexual problem through natural mode of treatment.


Treatment for Female Sexual Problems:

Dr. Sunil Dubey is the first India’s sexologist doctor who is honored with Bharat Gaurav Award, International Ayurveda Ratna Award, Gold Medal, and Asia Fame Ayurvedic Sexologist Doctor Award at the same time in New Delhi and Dubai. He is the best sexologist doctor in Bihar because mostly male, female, young, and middle-age of sexual patients always prefer him first to get their sexual treatment.


He treats all types of female sexual patients in the presence of their family member or partner. At Dubey Clinic, it is mandatory for all female sexual patients to come to this clinic with their partners or guardians. Dr. Sunil Dubey provides the following treatments and medicines to female sexual patients:-


  1. Menstruation Problems
  2. Vaginismus
  3. Vaginal Dryness
  4. Abnormal Leucorrhoea
  5. Sexually Transmitted Diseases
  6. Pain during Intercourse
  7. Sexual Disorders
  8. Other Sexual Problems


Medication and Treatment of Dubey Clinic:

Dubey Clinic is a brand name in India that provides complete treatment and medicine privileges under the natural system of medicine. Dr. Sunil Dubey has researched on various sexual diseases of men and women after that he has discovered the most reliable, pure, and natural medicine to them. All the Ayurvedic medicines are manufactured in Dubey lab and Research Centre under the guidelines of Dr. Sunil Dubey. The expert team of Ayurvedic doctors and sexology medical science prepares them. All the Ayurvedic medicines of Dubey Clinic are of quality and effective for sexual patients. It meets all the standards and is a blend of 100% natural ingredients.


Make an appointment before coming to the clinic:

If you are living in India and want to visit Dubey Clinic then you should make an appointment which is available by phone from 8 am to 8 pm every day. The call representatives of Dubey Clinic will be helping you. Dubey Clinic provides all over world medicine delivery privileges after the consultation with Dr. Sunil Dubey. More than 6.35 lakh people have benefited from the treatment and medication of Dubey Clinic as yet.


If you want to root out your sexual problem, then you should surely contact this clinic. One right decision can change your life. Quality and Experience always matter so always take care of choosing your sexual healthcare doctor.


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