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Automatic Tapping Service Of Metal Stamping

Tapping is in all kinds of different specifications of the hole or blind hole of the inner side of the parts machining process of the internal thread, Orienson has the automatic tapping machine for tapping after stamping, also can use mold tapping, which means directly finish tapping in the stamping die, a simultaneous stamping and tapping step, thereby greatly shorten the production cycle, improve productivity and reduce costs.

What are the advantages of Automatic Tapping?


Reduce The Process, Improve Production Efficiency

Tapping machine combines tapping parts punching and tapping together and synchronous proceed, which can save working time, reach high precision tapping, improve production efficiency.  


High Precision Thread Forming

Tapping efficiency and precision of tap can be improved by using an in-die tapping machine, and tap movement is precisely matched with screw pitch.


Save Resources

The tapping machine is fully automatic and saves labor costs. And the tapping machine is completely driven by machinery, saving the energy of the machine specially used for tapping teeth.


Reduce The Defective Rate And The Cost

Tapping machines can reduce the damage of the tap probability as well as the probability of waste due to the feeding error, also can reduce the probability of the feeding error, the number of products in the process of processing to save costs.


Tapping Machine Is Easy To Install And Replace

The design of the automatic tapping machine is durable with small size. The tapping head can be replaced with different specifications and easy to be installed with different molds.

Benefits Of Automatic Tapping

Advantages of automatic tapping machine:  

1. For batch products, the current technology can realize the whole process of automatic feeding, positioning, and tapping, greatly reducing labor costs.  

2. To improve product quality, automated products have stable and reliable quality because there is no influence of artificial factors.  

3. High precision, fast efficiency, can shorten the product processing cycle.  

4. Simple operation.  

5. Can be equipped with multi-axis synchronous machining, production efficiency is greatly improved.  

Features Of Automatic Tapping

High precision, detected by tooth gauge.  

Fast speed.  

Stable quality.  

Good consistency.  

Low prices.