Automotive Machining and CNC Auto Parts

In recent years, automotive machining industry is developing fast and getting attention to more and more countries, and we are very optimistic about the prospects of CNC machining car parts industry. We have been providing automotive machining CNC car parts for many years for SHENZHEN BYD. At the same time, more and more CNC auto parts manufacturers are cooperating with us to accelerate the development of new CNC auto parts and bring them to the market faster.


Our Automotive Machining Services

Our capabilities of automotive machining

Newly designed automotive CNC car parts are diverse and complex. LJZ is good at the flexible use of multiple technologies and skills for CNC machining car parts. Our precision machining technology includes: CNC Swiss machining, CNC quick turn CNC machining and milling,Multi spindle cam automatics,CNC grinding, EDM/WEDM, and so on.


Materials used in automtotive machining

We have experience of machining more than 475 kinds of materials which includes materials for CNC machining car parts. At LJZ automotive CNC machine shop, we are equipped with a spectrum analyzers to ensure the authenticity of raw materials. Common materials of auto parts that we work with are aluminum, China stainless steel machining, copper, brass, PVC, POM, NYLON, PEEK, etc.


Surface finishes on CNC auto parts

Many CNC auto parts will be requested for corresponding surface treatments to enhance the corrosion resistance and wear resistance so as to increase the automotive machining service life. Common surface treatments for CNC machined auto parts include: blackening, electroplating surface finish, anodizing, laser engraving, silk screen, and so on.


Why is LJZ Used for Automotive Machining Development?

Rapid Prototyping


Customized auto rapid CNC prototyping and parts including performance parts and aftermarket parts. Without sacrificing development speed, prototyping to reduce design risks.



Mass Customization


Customize more diversified and customized automotive functions. Through our precise Siwss machining and automotive precision plastic injection molding China process, we can quickly occupy the market.


Tools and Fixtures


Improve the manufacturing process and create higher automation and simplified assembly of components through custom fixtures.


Common Automotive Machining Applications

Assembly line components




Enclosure and housing


Plastic dashboard components


After-sales parts


Lens and lighting components


And more


Why LJZ for Automotive Development?

ISO 16949 standard, PPAP, FMEA and FAI reporting are available for automotive customers basically demand.


Provide technical consultation, pre-review of drawings, structural analysis, risk assessment, constructive design suggestions, cost analysis and other services.


475 kinds of materials + 30 kinds of processing technology + 21 kinds of surface treatment + customized packaging


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