Basic Knowledge About the Pleating Machine Equipment in the Rock Wool Production Line

1. Pleating machine in rockwool production line is widely used in textile industry


There is a wide variety of pleating machine series in rockwool production line, which can install a variety of accessories to achieve multi-functional stitching. It is widely used in various knitted sewing materials, such as weaving, sofa, rock wool board, curtains, children’s clothing, wind quilt, cushion, warm hand treasure and so on.


The pleating machine in rockwool production line adopts a forced oil return device at the needle bar, which effectively controls the measurement of the needle bar mechanism and eliminates the phenomenon of oil leakage. Upper and lower silicone oil device to avoid needle fever and wire break.


2. Pleating machine classification in rockwool production line


According to the different ways of clipping material, it can be divided into three types.


(1) Disk type, clipping material, is controlled by spring and pressing, which has the characteristics of many patterns, slow speed and difficult adjustment.


(2) The front and rear rubbing type, which uses spring pressure to control two shovels, has the characteristics of wide application model, general speed and small application cloth range.


(3) Two thick and two thin shovel pieces unidirectionally control clipping material, and use flexible connecting rod to drive, which has the characteristics of high speed and wide application range of cloth, and the application model can only be chain machine and multi-needle machine.


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