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Opal is an elegant piece of jewelry that can be worn on special occasions as well as for daily purposes. The crystal comes in various hues like pink, blue, orange, yellow, white, multi-color, and even colorless. The high-quality opals are fetched from Ethiopia, whereas Australia supplies the opal in the most significant quantity across the world. This is because opals are the national gemstones of Australia, with more than 95% supply to the world. Furthermore, the opal ring is significantly used as an engagement gift in many European countries, as it is believed that this crystal has the ability to bring love energies, which will create a strong between the couple. Not only this, but this crystal will remove all the negative energies from life and allow the person to live happily and peacefully. In addition, you can check out Rananjay Exports; they are the best wholesaler of Opal gemstone jewelry.








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