Best Butt Augmentation Cost in India

Butt augmentation is one of the fastest-growing cosmetic procedures. The procedure of butt augmentation can be carried out through two approaches that are artificial implants and fat grafting. Wherein artificial implants are surgically placed in the buttocks to make the butt appear attractive and fuller, whereas fat grafting involves the injecting of a patient’s processed fat into specific areas of the buttocks. One can visit Designer Bodyz and consult Dr. Parag Telang for butt augmentation surgery in India. After the procedure, the patient is advised not to sit on the buttocks for at least 8-10 days until the sutures are healed. Mostly, the patient will be asked to rest on their stomach so as to allow the sutures to heal. A patient may also be asked to wear a compression pad to address the swelling. For further information about butt augmentation cost in India, consult with the expert FFS surgeon Dr. Parag Telang today. Book an appointment now.

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