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Skin is the most sensitive and exposed organ of the body. The skin is broken by the action of varied environmental factors like pollution, smoke, smog, harmful UV rays, free radicals damage, and dust, which ruins its quality and texture. Skin problems are intense, and one must not neglect any mild symptom as aggravation of this will ruin the skin’s texture. Many of us often apply several chemical products without consulting a dermatologist, which further causes a negative impact on their skin. At Bliss Laser clinic, effective and advanced treatments are performed by the simplest skin specialist in Ludhiana, Dr. Shikha Aggarwal, after proper skin analysis and diagnosis. At the simplest skin clinic in Ludhiana, Bliss Laser Skin Clinic, all the effective skin treatments are as long as they help to repair the skin damage and make one look brighter and youthful with glowing, healthy skin. Dr. Shikha Aggarwal provides treatments against skin concerns like eczema, acne, acne scars, vitiligo, stretch marks, fungal infections, pigmentation, wrinkles, fine lines, and hair problems like hair thinning, baldness, and hair fall. Get in-tuned with the simplest dermatologist in Ludhiana at Bliss Laser Skin Clinic to urge the simplest skin and hair treatment.