Best Ear Surgeon in Mumbai (India), England, USA

Microtia ear surgery with rib cartilage is the standard ear reconstruction method performed at The Microtia Trust that can now be achieved in 2-3 surgeries beginning from ages 5-10 years of children having adult-sized ears. It involves harvesting rib cartilage graft, carving it into an ear framework, and placing the framework in a skin pocket created at the side of the head. The surgery involves making incisions and their closure by stitches. Dr. Parag Telang is the best ear surgeon in Mumbai, India, and is also a skilled microtia reconstructive surgeon. He is very good at carefully sculpting the ear framework and making the new ear of optimal size and thickness which matches the normal ear. For more information about microtia surgery in India, the USA, and England pay a visit at The Microtia Trust.

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