The Oktoberfest costume is known as the Dirndl dress for women . This is a bodice with a skirt attached. The body should not be too broad. The straps should not be off, and the fabric should not be wrinkled. If the costume does not fit properly, despite trying different sizes, choosing a different cut can solve the problem.

With the skirt of a Dirndl dress, the correct length must be observed. Everything is possible from the knees to the floor. The skirt mustn’t be too short. Once you’ve found the perfect Dirndl dress – unfortunately, your outfit is far from complete. An absolute must-have for any Dirndl is a blouse. It is a real no go not to wear Dirndl blouses under your body. For a proper fit of the waist, without disturbing it under the bodice, remember that the size ends directly under the breast. Dirndl blouses come in many different colours and most diverse shapes. Therefore, by purchasing a new shirt, you can completely change the look of your Dirndl.