Best Rhinoplasty in India

Nose feminization surgery is one of the most popularly performed FFS (facial feminization surgery) procedures. Many transgender females opt for Rhinoplasty in India at Designer Bodyz performed by an expert FFS surgeon Dr. Parag Telang. The nose of the most prominent facial feature, and with rhinoplasty surgery, one can get a defined nasal refinement that can provide the desired improvement making their face appear more feminine. Rhinoplasty surgery alters the nose shape and structure. And, feminizing rhinoplasty specifically focuses on making the nose sleeker and delicate. This surgery adjusts the nose, making the eyes look larger, bringing out the cheekbones, and adding a feminine delicacy to the overall facial impression. The surgery makes the nose profile more feminine by adjusting and also accentuates the nose angle to give it a clear feminine outline and proportions. To know more about FFS Rhinoplasty or Nose Feminization surgery cost in India, pay a visit now at Designer Bodyz.