Best Steer Tires for Semi Trucks: Single-Guide Tires

1. What is a single-guide tire?


Single-guide tires are specially designed for high-speed driving with good highway performance. In order to enhance the grip of the tire, the design of the tire block is larger with fewer transverse patterns which are in the same direction, which means that this type of tire can only run in one direction. The central drainage channel is specially strengthened in order to make the tire quickly drain water when passing through the wetland, which makes the wetland performance of single-guide tires equal to that of non-single-guide tires and even better than that.


2. Characteristics of single-guide tires


Nowadays, many young car owners pursue good tire handling performance and fashionable appearance at the same time, both of which can be met by a single-guide tire. Its characteristic is that the pattern has an obvious direction with very little resistance, high-speed level, and good handling performance, which can also meet the demand of most car owners for fashionable tire appearance. Sounds good, right? In comparison, it seems that single-guide tires are better. Today, high-performance tires are in rapid development. It is firmly believed that single-guide tires will continue to innovate, bringing surprises to tire performance, and become one of the best steer tires for semi trucks.


With such excellent performance, how do you reload a single-guide tire?


All tires with symmetrical patterns are single-guide tires marked with arrows. Since the rolling direction is fixed, this design makes the single-guide tire can not be interchanged from left to right, but can only be interchanged on the same side, which is why it is called the single-guide tire. Pay attention to the rolling direction of the tire indicated by the arrow mark during installation.


If there is no abnormal tire wear, you only need to switch back and forth on the same side, i.e. from left front to left-back, from left-back to left front, from right front to right back, and from right back to the right front. Remember not to put it upside down. Of course, if one-sided tire wear occurs or the tire has run for more than 10,000 kilometers, the tire needs to be switched from left to right.


3. Advantages of single-guide tire


Single-guide pattern: the grooves are all connected to each other, forming an independent block structure.


Advantages: the unique design such as patterns in the same direction, large tire block, and fewer transverse patterns makes the tire superior with characteristics such as small resistance, high speed, good handling performance, and fashionable appearance, which is suitable for high-speed driving.