BIGFOOT Book is the New York Times best-seller Book Now


BIGFOOT Book is the the New York Times best-seller Book Now

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I poked my head out of the cave now and then to see if the weather had changed and the new storm I’d seen earlier had arrived. When I was leaning back and looking at the mountain, I thought I saw something about halfway up. What I see is something white and gray looking at me from between two trees, about 40 feet away, out of the corner of my eye. I looked down, watching my step, and then up to see an enormous creature with a broad chest and burly arms above me.

Because of the inability to see the details on the creature’s face, its outward appearance was that of a large primate. It appears to be some kind of gorilla, a subspecies. Regardless, the creature was massive. I estimated its weight to be around 500 pounds, but its agility was astounding. Because after only a few minutes of direct eye contact, it gripped one of the tree branches 10 feet above it and swung backward, out of sight without even looking.

Even though I’d seen the creature before, it still surprised me, and I staggered back inside., but he paused before waking Tara, not wanting to sound insane. Although earlier in the week, I saw the creature at the river enough to make out details on its face, such as the placement of the nose and eyes. His nose was low-profile, but his mouth and jaws protruded outward and upward. It had golden, almost brown eyes that seemed to glow in the light. However, it had a higher brow line than the average gorilla, as did the tip of its cranium, which formed a slight point like a gorilla.