Bladder Cancer Surgery Cost in Delhi | Delhi Urology Hospital | Dr. Niren Rao

Bladder cancer surgery includes the excision of cancerous cells from the urinary bladder. Bladder cancer surgery in Delhi is conducted by skilled specialist Dr. Niren Rao at Delhi Urology Hospital using cutting-edge techniques. It may involve several procedures such as radical cystectomy, which removes all portions of the bladder; partial cystectomy, which removes a cancerous portion of the bladder; and transurethral resection of bladder tumors, which removes tumors restricted to the bladder’s inner layers. Urinary diversion, or building a new conduit for urine to flow out of the body, requires a further operation termed neobladder reconstruction after a radical cystectomy. Other urine diversion operations include a continent urinary reservoir and optimum conduit. Book an appointment with Delhi Urology Hospital to learn more about bladder cancer surgery cost in Delhi.