Bladder Stone Surgery in Delhi

Bladder stones are one of the most common urological issues. They can be treated with the help of advanced bladder stone removal procedures offered at Delhi Urology Hospital using the transurethral cystolithocapaxy approach. In this procedure, a tiny tube with a camera, known as a cystoscope, is inserted from the urinary tract into the bladder. Utilizing a laser or pneumatic lithoclast, the stone is detected and broken down into tiny parts. These pieces are then extracted from the urinary bladder. For young and old patients, an open cystolithotomy is performed at Delhi Urology Hospital to avoid injury to their urinary tube (urethra), and in elderly individuals with particularly big prostates, stones are extracted by open surgery. A tiny incision is made through the skin and onto the bladder during this procedure to remove the stones. The bladder is then sutured back together once the stone is extracted. To get relief from bladder stones, book a visit now at Delhi Urology Hospital to get the benefits of the best Bladder Stone Surgery in Delhi performed by an expert urologist.