Brief Description of Precautions for Deformed and Non-deformed Areas in Roll Forming Equipment


1. What should be paid attention to in the deformed and non-deformed area of roll forming equipment? Moreover, what should be paid attention to before the material enters?


There are deformed and non-deformed areas in roll forming equipment. Therefore, in these two aspects, we need to pay attention to the following notes.

① Deformation zone. In the deformation zone, the calculation of the dielectric layer must be accurate, and the roll processing must have good symmetry.

② Non-deformable area. It should not be compressed as much as possible, and the gap between the upper and lower rollers should be consistent during the assembly process.


In addition, before the material enters, the rollforming equipment should be equipped with a reasonable guide slope according to the rolling state of the front road, so that the material can slide and compress stably.


2. In the roll forming equipment, is the main process cold forming?


Yes. Specifically, if the material is bent under the action of mechanical force and processed in a cold state, cracks will not appear. Therefore, it is different from thermal bending.


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