Brief Introduction of Advantages and Functions of Hollow Plastic Decking

Hollow plastic decking has the functions of lightweight, environmental protection, waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, shock-proof, etc. It can also be made into an ordinary, conductive, anti-static, fire-proof hollow board, which is very useful.


Advantages of hollow plastic decking

1. Lightweight and material saving;

Hollow plastic decking has good properties. It can save a lot of materials and reduce costs. It is very portable.


2 Heat insulation and sound insulation;

Because of the hollow structure of hollow plastic decking, its heat transfer and sound transmission effect are lower than other solid sheets. It has good heat and sound insulation effect.


3. Good mechanical properties;

Hollow plastic decking has different structures, excellent toughness, strong impact resistance, high compressive strength, cushioning and shock-proof, good bending performance, etc.


4. The effect of environmental protection is obvious.

Hollow plastic decking is not poisonous or polluted. Waste disposal is very easy. It does not pollute the environment. It can also be recycled to make other plastic products.


5. Anti-static, conductive and flame retardant;

By means of modification, mixing and surface spraying, the hollow plastic decking has good electrostatic, conductive and flame retardant properties.


6. It has a smooth and beautiful surface and complete color.

Hollow plastic decking is formed by special technology. It uses color masterbatch to mix colors. It has rich colors, smooth appearance and it is easy to print.


Use of hollow plastic decking:

1. Hollow plastic boards can be used in industry to make shelves for articles, boards for cushions, partition areas, etc, which still play a great role.

2. Hollow plastic decking is frequently used at home. They can be used for temporary residential structures such as wall panels, ceiling panels and container covers.

3. Hollow plastic decking can be used as partition material in decoration. It has good heat and sound insulation performance and is also light.