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Brief Introduction to the Operation of Industrial Door

Industrial doors are now indispensable facility in industrial plants. In the operation and use of industrial sliding doors, what matters need special attention?


Industrial lift doors are important parts of industrial doors and are mainly installed in large-size openings in large buildings such as industrial plants, workshops, and warehouses. It is specially designed for the steel structure workshops of industrial enterprises. All its components are specially produced and designed according to user needs.


Industrial sliding doors are large and not light in weight, so they are all driven by motors. The dedicated industrial door motor works for a short time, and the long continuous running time does not exceed 10 minutes, otherwise it will stop working due to the thermal protection of the motor. If this happens, just wait patiently for 30 minutes, and you can recover on your own after 30 minutes.


The control box is related to the operation of the door, and the circuit inside the box is complicated. Therefore, a reasonable height must be set during installation to prevent children from accidentally touching and causing safety accidents. Especially for small items such as remote control, although they are small, they have an important role. They must be managed by a special person and cannot be placed at will to prevent children from playing and causing danger.


Some plant personnel frequently enter and exit. In order to avoid frequent opening of the door and damage to the door, it is particularly recommended to install an industrial door with a small door. According to safety regulations, such industrial doors with small doors must be equipped with small door locks, and the small door switches must be connected to the electric control box with a flexible cord.


Industrial doors are electric products, and pedestrians and vehicles are prohibited from passing underneath them during the opening and closing process. The end of the door guide rail needs to be equipped with a mechanical limit device to prevent the limit failure and the door body from sliding off the rail and causing personal and property damage.