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Moldavite, the olive green color stone, is heaven’s gift to the earth and showers its profound healing to one who incorporates them in their daily lives.



Moldavites are formed by the meteor collision that happened millions of years ago. These meteors got divided into two caters and got hit on the mountain range in the Czech republic.



Most gem-quality of moldavite are cut into cabochons & sold as collectors gems. They are delicate pieces of gemstone that range on the hardness scale from 5 to 5.5, making beautiful moldavite jewelry.




  • Moldavite usually comes in the pale to a translucent olive shade that is the highlight of the gem.

  • They typically have a rough and sculpted look and gives a terrestrial feel to the stone.

  • Usually, the genuine moldavite has bubbles trapped inside.

  • Genuine moldavite comes in relatively small sizes.



  • They help to clear the unwanted baggage of past lives.

  • Moldavite provides a sense of self-awareness, later uncovering the reasons causing unhappiness.

  • It brings high frequency and positive vibrations to one’s life.

  • They give a sense of relief to the overwhelming emotions.

  • They provide aid to meditation and dreamwork.


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