Cable Gland and Accessories in Automotive Industry

Nylon cable gland is resistant to abrasion, corrosion, acid and alkali.It can be used for wire connection in automotive equipment as automotive cable gland.


Automotive connector is a kind of component that electronic engineering technicians often use. Its function is very simple: build a bridge of communication between the blocked or isolated circuits in the circuit, so that the current flows and the circuit achieves the predetermined function. It is used to lock and fix the incoming and outgoing wires, and the cable is waterproof, dustproof ,anti-vibration, and ensure the insulation level of the cable gland, so that it operates safely and reliably.


If the seal is not good, not only will the oil leak cause the oil-impregnated paper to dry out, but the moisture will also invade the inside of the cable, reducing its insulation performance.


The cable glands produced by Saichuang can meet the following requirements:


1. Reliable guarantee of quality and performance.


2. The surface of the cable gland like waterproof strain relief connector should be clean, free of burrs and sharp corners, and the plating layer should be free from stacking, blanks and peeling.


3. The cable gland should ensure that there is no breakage or cracking when it is connected to the wire or electrical appliance.


4. The connector must withstand the humidity resistance test without destroying its contact reliability.


5. The temperature requirement is within the specified range, -40ºC~100ºC in static state (Instantaneous heat resistance120ºC),-20ºC~80ºC in dynamic state (Instantaneous heat resistance100ºC)


China is expected to become an important production base for global automotive connectors in the future. In addition to the existing first-line well-known international manufacturers, other manufacturers that have not yet set up factories in China will gradually establish production bases in China to supply local auto parts manufacturers due to the increasing local demand, localized procurement, and cost advantages. need. With the development of foreign-funded enterprises and local enterprises, China will also become one of the important producers of automotive connectors.