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Cable Gland in Outdoor Lighting Equipment

The protection grade of the cable glands can reach IP68, which makes cable glands are widely used in outdoor lighting equipment and other electric equipment.


And especially large cable glands are often used in outdoor lighting equipment and other electric equipment.


The rapid development of urban functional lighting has aroused people’s attention to life threats caused by safety accidents such as leakage of lighting facilities.


The importance of cable gland


In outdoor lighting systems, the distance from the power supply to the lamp holder is generally relatively large. If the power supply to the lamp holder is connected from start to finish, each line will cause unnecessary trouble to the construction and will cause wire waste, which can be avoided by using metric strain relief connectors.


Some people will doubt that it is  ok to cut a gap directly from the live wire, connect the conductive parts of the wire together, and then wrap a few layers of insulating glue and there it is not necessary to use connectors. Is that true ?


The benefits of the cable gland


Firstly, most insulating tapes are prone to aging, and there are potential safety hazards. Secondly, the mechanical properties of the joints directly connected together with wires are very poor. The slight vibration and stretching of the line can easily cause disconnection, and the poor contact of the interface can easily cause heat, which can lead to fire. ; Moreover, the outdoor environment is harsh, and the requirements for waterproof, salt, and aging will be relatively high, and the insulating glue is far from the requirements. However, if high-performance waterproof connectors are used in outdoor lighting, not only simplifies the installation of the power grid, but also all the hidden safety risks will be reduced to a very low level.


It makes the design and production process more convenient, more flexible, safer, and reduces production and maintenance costs. The appearance of the connector improves the production process.


The cable gland simplifies the assembly process of electronic products, and also simplifies the mass production process.


It is easy to repair. If an electronic component fails, the failed component can be quickly replaced when the connector is installed.


It is easy to upgrade. With the advancement of technology, When the connector is installed, the component can be updated, and the old component can be replaced with a new and more complete component. Increasing the design flexibility. Using the connector allows engineers to design and integrate new products, and when using the component to form a system, there are More flexibility.


Especially for industrial connectors, sometimes used in harsh environments that require plugging and unplugging, flexibility and safety are even more important.


In lighting components, in addition to having to adapt to tight spaces, they must also meet various environmental specifications, such as temperature, humidity, and vibration. In addition, they need to provide simple assembly and secure connections. Space and cost savings are also an advantage of these designs.


The cable glands produced by Saichuang connectors are widely used in outdoor lighting systems. While ensuring a stable and reliable circuit connection, it can also reduce material costs and installation time, while being environmentally friendly and durable.