Can Customers Login into QuickBooks Online?

QuickBooks online allows its users to manage banking online, send and track invoices QuickBooks online is the synchronization between your PC and smartphone. Moreover, Quickbooks online allows your customers to reap the benefits of Quickbooks online. This allows them to remain up to date in their professional life.Customer LoginQuickBooks online allows your customers to go through their invoice history and also enables them to update their contact information in an extremely friendly self service portal.To Begin with –For Customer login, the very first prerequisite is to set up a customer portal and for this you need to go to ‘My hub’ page in QuickBooks online.Email Invite your customerOnce the customer portal is set up, you can choose to invite the customers individually or you can automatically send them an invite when a new customer is created in the QuickBooks online.For sending them the invite, select the customer and click on Invite.Once your customer gets the invite mail which consists of a link to register so that they can access the portal and pay you.Then can get themselves registered and take the advantage of its features. for more info visit QuickBooks Enterprise Support Phone Number & call us 1888-485-0289