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Can you select your seats on Southwest Airlines?

What is the best way to choose seats on the Southwest?

Southwest is among the biggest low-cost carriers and important airlines within the United States, also known as Southwest. If you’re thinking of flying with Southwest and have already made an appointment but now would like to change seats for reasons other than yours and are trying to figure out how before you pick seats, be informed of the Southwest Airlines seating policy.

Southwest Airlines seat selection policy

  • You can choose seats for every passenger traveling with them when making reservations through SouthWest, with a charge for seat selection between $30 and $40 according to the flight details and the availability of seats.
  • Southwest offers open seating policy where passengers can choose their seats from the seats available upon arrival since Southwest does not give seats to reservations.
  • The boarding location and group will determine the number of seats one can pick from, as people who board early will continue picking between the empty seats.
  • The seats on the exit row may be chosen based on the availability criteria. However, airlines have a particular set of rules for when the passenger must be eligible to be seated on the seat.

Choose the seat you want at Southwest Airlines online.

There are two ways to pick seats for Southwest Airlines. You can choose seats online on the official website. The alternative is to talk to a Southwest Airlines live person by dialing toll-free +1-802-231-1806 to get quick assistance.

Steps to pick your seat Southwest

  1. The customer can choose their preferred seating when purchasing the ticket, provided they agree to pay an extra charge for selection.
  2. Those not looking to pay for unnecessary expenses could opt to use Southwest Airlines’ free seat selection procedure at check-in and take-off.
  3. Because Southwest offers an open-seat policy, The airline doesn’t give passengers seats at check-in time.
  4. Passengers can select seats when they arrive on the plane the available seats.
  5. So, one could check in before everyone else or opt for the priority check-in and boarding options for boarding the aircraft before everyone else, and therefore will have more seats available.
  6. The last passengers on the plane will be required to take the seats of all the others, which means that they will be less comfortable and enjoyable. It is therefore recommended to board the plane as quickly as you can.

What is the cost Southwest charge for seating selection?


Southwest offers a standard seat selection fee ranging from $30 to $40, contingent on the flight’s destination and routing. Other fees, like taxes and service charges, as well as surcharges, are added to the basic price for seat selection. These charges are contingent on the location of origin for the trip. But, it is possible to save a Southwest Airlines seat selection fee and find their preferred seat upon arrival since the airline doesn’t provide seating to its passengers. Passengers must select their seats from the ones on offer when they board the plane.