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Caring Tips For Turquoise stone

The bluish-green stone can appear translucent or opaque, with the most pleasing color being an intense blue. The Turquoise bracelet may contain narrow veins of other material either isolated or as a network. 

Turquoise, the beautiful Persian stone, is one of the first gemstones ever mined and is a hydrated phosphate of copper and aluminum and rank between five to six on the Mohs scale hardness

Caring tips for Turquoise stone

Never use any harsh chemicals to clean the stone. Instead, use lukewarm water with a soft cloth to clean your stone, then make sure to dry it properly using harsh chemicals that could cause irreversible damage. 

Turquoise bracelets should be the last thing you wear while getting ready to prevent it from perfumes, makeup, creams, and sprays, as these chemicals can cause a change in the color of the stone or the stone may get fade.